Biometric Document Scanning for true Data Governance

SharePoint and other enterprise content and document management installations have ignited the necessity for multi-point document scanning in public and private environments.

With this comes the issue of governance policies needed to control the data introduced into your enterprise system. While this topic can demand hours and hours of discussion, one area of focus that can be a tremendous assistance is device control at the point of scan.

By letting everyone and anyone scan documents into your EDMS and/or ECMS, your system is opened to an avalanche of un-structured and un-controlled data.

Mitch Burek, former VP at Fidelity Investments with extensive experience in critical positions involving enterprise-wide program management, “Governance is the critical component to the success of a program. By including IT in the governance structure, your program can benefit not just from access to technology tools, but also leverage from the technology infrastructure.

Canon’s ingenious biometric ScanFront 220 desktop scanner provides the functionality of fingerprint authorization for users to scan and introduce new documents into your enterprise environment. Administrators set up users and user jobs to control where and how documents are introduced into your system. Part of the set-up includes specific indexing requirements for each new document. By controlling this schema, location and search is standardized reducing the opportunity for documents being sent to server waste-land, never to be heard from again until back-up time.

Biometric authorization provides quick, easy and most important, secured access to your ever growing enterprise database. Remote administrator device monitoring allows for centralized management of an entire scanning deployment.

At 12” wide and 9” tall, the ScanFront 220 comes with all of the standard features you would expect for A4/LTR scanning including duplex scanning, automatic document feeding, full range color scanning and image capture in multiple formats including JPEG, tif and PDF.

With a price tag of about $1,500.00 dollars U.S., Canon gives enterprise administrators a powerful tool in data governance for a very reasonable price.

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