Island of Misfit Documents

I would like to address anyone who has participated in the purchase of a Tax/CAMA system, Land Records Recording system or any other State or Municipal Government “business function specific” records management system. Was is shocking to find out that after the implementation of this industry leading, cutting edge, Cloud based enterprise wide system was completed, you happened to notice an ever growing storeroom full of boxes of records? And you thought to yourself… “hmm – interesting”.

Then you inquired to your vendor about your “other” documents. You asked what you were supposed to do with these. And then they probably provided you a promise of things to come – the “generic documents” storage module – or something. This module will allow you to store everything and anything.

But then you asked about document retention policies, because that is important to you. You also asked about document destruction instructions, workflow, individual document security policies and other features and functionality necessary to fulfill your job description. It is somewhere in the middle of these questions when your vendor started shuffling papers, gazing at their cell phone desperately looking for someone to call.

The truth is, as wonderful as some of these Clerks Office, Tax Assessor/Collector systems are, there still seems to be a large number of business critical documents that fall outside the purview of their system.

There are a number of very worthy Electronic Records, Electronic Document Management systems available to more than amply solve the needs of the Clerk’s Office. Find someone experienced with your business needs that can suggest, and hopefully even implement and support a system that will satisfy your records management needs for all of your business critical “Misfit Documents”.

Follow this link to read about Electronic Records and Document Management.

Kevin Williams


SRIIA Technologies, Inc.


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