Understanding the Goal and Focus for Sales Engagement


What should a sales person focus on during the sales process? simple – The Final Objective

When it comes to selling software and services, very few clients, when engaged with a drill down interview, would say, “we really just want to buy a bunch of software and professional services”…. How many elected county officials would respond – “Included in my oath of office was a promise to create and pay-for as many copies of my counties information as possible during my term”… Of course not; they have an end goal, something probably financially driven at its core – something that will have an impact, positive or negative on their job performance review. Your job, as the sales person is to act as the “Sales Counselor” and help them realize what their goal is and how they can achieve it. Then you make your case for your company to fill the need and there you go.

Kevin Williams, CDIA+

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