Value of the Customer Experience


Customer Experience (Cont)

Depending on the type of business or service you may not even know if or when you lose a customer. Studies show less than 4% of your customers will tell you if they are unhappy so depending on your follow-up process you may never know if you have a customer on the fence.

Here are the statistics on why businesses lose customers:

1% Die

3% Move away

5% Form other relationships

9% Leave for competitive reasons

14% Due to product dissatisfaction

68% Stop buying your product or service because of an attitude or feeling of indifference towards them by one or more persons representing the company.

Data from;

This quote goes directly to the discussion on valuing the  customer experience. The point the author was making for this post was on creating a follow-up strategy – and I agree completely with this premise also. However, I suggest that starting from a better, stronger and more effective beginning position has a far greater outcome than what is essentially “damage control”.

Going back to my previous posts on this topic, reference your most honest and raw feedback data you have – support… Support hears everything. Make sure that all written and verbal customer feed-back is evaluated by the decision makers in your office. Support has a very specific role – try to help the customer. They are typically not in the position to negotiate anything such as contracts, pricing, change orders and the like.

Getting that most valuable feed-back in the hands of the decision makers in your office will equip this group to intervene and mediate. You could cut that 68% down by half by simply listening and responding.

Kevin Williams, CDIA+


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