As a Records Manager, if you’re not watching Mr. Robot you should be.


“Mr. Robot” can be a challenging show to watch. The plot is told in a deliberately confusing manner with a mentally unstable protagonist who speaks to the camera, “House of Cards” style. It also uses heavy references to modern tech, computer terms, and hacker culture that might go over the heads of some viewers.

I don’t want this to be  a spoiler entry, so I will offer this; from the Gen-X perspective, if you liked “Fight Club”, you will love “Mr. Robot”.

Each episode will bring you a multitude of techi terms such as TrueCrypt, Rootkits, DDoS, Tor, Binary code, Daemons, Source code and others. However, you will also see and hear references to Steel Mountain (Iron), box storage, records, thermostats, microfilm and other records management terms.

From the perspective of a records manager, this show demonstrates what could be your worst nightmare scenario. “Mr. Robot” is built around hacking, but deals with the financial aspect of the real property industry. What would happen if one day, practically every active mortgage / loan file just disappeared? Think about the dollar figure and financial impact of that. The “Mr. Robot” catastrophic scenario depicted deals directly with both physical and electronic records.

I believe the plot from Mr. Robot could be a great conversation topic for your organization. While “Mr. Robot” is sensationalized, there are many real world applications.




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