About Us

SRIIA Technologies, Inc.

We are a People-Centric , Technology Driven Records Management B2B/B4B Consulting company, designed and purposed  to help service bureau environments increase efficiency through implementing and leveraging a comprehensive list of products and services .

Our focus is to provide complete, 360 degree, records management consulting services.

Improve Operational Performance

Achieving and sustaining operational excellence is more important than ever in today’s challenging economic environment. Cost pressures, changing customer expectations, stronger competitors and other industry and market disruptions are collectively causing a tremendous strain on operational capabilities and performance. Within the service bureau vertical, operational excellence is no longer a desired end state but a near-term requirement for any successful provider.

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Effective companies leverage operational and process improvements to achieve targeted performance success in many dimensions including:

  • Service and Quality – Meeting and exceeding customer expectations around quality, customer service and responsiveness. Producing with minimal defects.
  • Scalability / Grow without Growing – Providing the operational foundation to effectively scale and support top-line growth without large increases in headcount and cost.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Managing total costs to enhance customer and shareholder value, as well as drive competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Flexibility / Responsiveness – Adapting and responding in a timely manner to changing customer requirements and market conditions with ease and effectiveness.
  • Reliability – Maintaining predictable, repeatable and consistent operational performance.

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