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Leverage SRIIA Technologies Business Intelligence Services

In a service bureau environment your production assets including human capital and machines (scanners, workstations) are the backbone of your production process. The success of production operations is determined by optimum utilization of your production assets. It’s crucial for managers to have in-depth and real-time information regarding every asset. This helps managers to achieve production success.


With SRIIA’s production analytics solutions users can:

  • Analyze actual time utilized by production assets for each step in the service bureau process and compare the output with benchmarked standard time.
  • Track anticipated cost of goods versus actual cost of goods in real-time.
  • Understand performance of every machine and compare it with benchmark performance to derive monetary value of every project.
  • Ascertain total cost involved in every machine’s operations and differentiate actual cost from standard cost.
  • Drill down as per the function of machine, location, product categories, and more.

Advantages of Partnering with SRIIA

We will help you leverage your own data to unlock new business value. This might include suggestions for new operational assets including hardware and software, operational efficiencies, or smarter customer engagement models.

We combine deep analytical expertise with business and customer understanding so your data is understood in context. We take a hypothesis driven approach to target analysis in the areas of most value for you and discover insights you can take tangible action on.

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