Business Process Improvement


What is Business Process Improvement (BPI)?

Business process improvement is a strategic approach designed to eliminate inefficiency and reduce costs, leading to better business results. Business Process Improvement solutions may be narrow in scope or may be used for broad, enterprise-wide initiatives. 

Business process improvement may involve complex groups of inter-related systems, information, workflows and departments.

When successfully executed, BPI can yield significant benefits to an organization in terms of efficiency and cost reduction. The potential for high rewards are great, however so is the potential for missteps. Mismanaged transitions have a high rate of failure, so organizations should proceed with a well-defined plan. 


What Our SRIIA’s Business Process Improvement Solutions Deliver

We help you gain a competitive advantage by drastically improving process performance. 

  • Improved efficiency and faster processing times ─ without increasing head count (example: one hour to complete what previously took a full day)
  • Automated manual processes that allow resources to be refocused on more important areas
  • Reduced operating expenses by cutting out inefficiencies (example: 30-50% unit cost reduction)
  • Increase in quality as processes are improved (example: Service Associate studies support tighter focus on client needs and service differentiation)

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