picture1Challenges with Small to Medium Business Sales Operations

Selling business process outsourcing (BPO), business solution services and related records management and document imaging services requires a very specific and complex skill set. Sales reps must be equipped with and continuously develop a thorough understanding and in-depth expertise in a vast array of disciplines:

For business owners and managers, hiring, training and maintaining a successful sales team for these industries can also provide challenges. An experienced, successful software sales rep may have no idea how to sell services such as A/P outsourcing and vice versa.

At SRIIA Technologies, Inc. we understand the complexities and challenges to effectively assess, scope and price projects for these industries. We have developed systems and methodologies that encompass these various and disparate industries into a centralized scoping, costing and pricing center. With this, during a single engagement, in a single system, sales reps can gather all scope data for projects that could include software and hardware sales, professional services, scanning, indexing, onsite project costs, Cloud services, document storage and other project supplies…

SRIIA SalesManager® -Indexing Phase Projections


SRIIA SalesManager® -Conversion Project Analytics


SRIIA Technologies has painstakingly developed a comprehensive system of tools and processes that effectively takes the guess-work out of scoping, pricing and delivering records conversion projects.

Implementing our system of Sales Training, Customer Education and sophisticated Sales and Production Tracking Tools will enable your business to maximize the effectives of your sales and marketing efforts and provide real-time tracking of your COGs (Cost of Goods – Production Costs).

The key to making money in the document conversion industry is knowing your exact COGs. SRIIA’s SalesManager and SRIIATrak will facilitate your organization to enjoy increased sales and margins.

Features of SRIIA SalesManager®

  • Itemized Sales based on Units (rolls of film, boxes of records, files, etc…)
  • Cost Drivers identified for every service required for every image processed and delivered
  • Established Production Quotas driving COGs pricing
  • Customer Pricing based on known and Actual Costs

More Information:

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