Bar Code Tracking

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Bar Code Tracking

When selecting SRIIA to provide the value-add service of a thorough on-site inventory, you will also have the benefit of a full inventory and every physcial asset barcoded.

All of your physical media assets including containers, boxes & tapes are bar coded for tracking purposes. A comprehensive description of each individual item is entered in our selected physcial records tracking system.

Our system uses the latest in barcode technology and provides a fully automated system which allows us to track each delivery, pickup or destruction order of files, containers or tapes.

Barcode tracking features

  • Full feature inventory control
  • Supports multiple bar code formats, including existing commercial or customer-generated
  • Scheduled rotations
  • Check-in/Check-out tracking
  • Wait lists
  • Customer-defined holiday behavior
  • 24/7 Web access
  • Records retention schedule tracking (alerts for destruction orders)
  • Comprehensive reporting functions

Destruction Management barcode tracking features

  • Sophisticated scheduling capabilities
  • History and audit trails of all activities
  • Pickup and process extra material at customer site
  • Comprehensive reporting functions

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