Business Process Analysis


SRIIA’s BPA Process

Leveraging experienced SRIIA BPA Consultants using powerful BPA and Workflow Analysis software, SRIIA can assist your firm with streamlining and improving your current business processes.

Through identifying, understanding a defining your existing Business Processes, SRIIA will evaluate your current workflow, identifying all areas of opportunity, and provide a deliverables document detailing results and suggested solutions. SRIIA understands that good software is only one component of successful electronic business information management.

Other Business Critical Components include

  • Policy frameworks
  • Compliance
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability
  • Capability development
  • Quality management
  • Configuration management
  • Corporate culture

services-changemanagement 3

SRIIA BPA Guiding Principles (systems)

  • Electronic business information has to be actively managed and maintained as evidence of business activity
  • Business information has to be linked to its business context by metadata
  • Business information has to be kept and remain accessible for as long as required
  • Business information has to be able to be disposed of in a managed, systematic and auditable way
  • Systems for capturing and managing business information have to rely on standardised metadata as an active, dynamic and integral part of the record keeping process
  • Systems have to ensure interoperability across platforms and domains and over time
  • Systems should rely as far as possible on open standards and technological neutrality
  • Systems should have the capacity for bulk import (backfile conversion data, legacy data) and export using open formats

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