On-Site Inventory Services


Physical Media Asset Inventory and Reconcilation Services

SRIIA Technologies can provide the value-add service of a thorough on-site inventory. If your company provides document management/document conversion services, but doesn’t have the staff, knowledge bandwidth for on-site inventories, let SRIIA help.

Combining precision planning and advanced technology with experienced professionals, SRIIA Technologies can quickly and accurately obtain reliable, up-to-date fixed asset inventory information by conducting a physical inventory at your client’s facility. SRIIA’s best in class methods and use of state-of-the-art technologies enable SRIIA’s inventory specialists to complete a highly accurate physical count with little to no disruption to normal daily business operations. SRIIA’s physical inventory service is the most comprehensive, at the best value available in the marketplace today.

SRIIA Physical Asset Management

At the core of SRIIA Asset Management (SAM) services is wall-to-wall validation of your physical media assets through asset inventory and reconciliation. It is our proven best practice for validation and verification of physical media assets. We define a physical media asset as any item that stores data. For example;

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  • Box of records
  • Book
  • Map/Plat
  • Tape/CD/DVD/USB
  • File
  • Folder
  • Cabinet
  • Roll of microfilm
  • Aperture card
  • Microfiche sheet
  • Etc…

SRIIA On-Site Inventory services include

  • On-site SRIIA “Inventory TeamCenter” set-up (secured, monitored)
  • Hardware/software and workstations for inventorying/bar coding, tagging all assets
  • Dedicated, full time on-site project management
  • Experienced on-site inventory staff
  • HIPAA Certified

This comprehensive process provides

A physical wall-to-wall validation of  physical media assets in your client’s facilities using advanced barcode inventory technology:

  • Item by item assessment
  • Apply Bi/Tri-check labels to 100% of all  assets for dual level tracking
  • A 100% reconciliation of  assets to your existing inventory
  • Enhanced Inventory Search Capability from inventory data fortification; adding valuable  item information such as document type, total number of pages per  item,  to and from record numbers and to and from date ranges per box, roll, sheet, book, folder etc..
  • Missing Asset Report
  • Provide foundation for document conversion project

SRIIA’s is a flexible solution that can assist with numerous governmental and private industry regulations and requirements, including:

Archival Records Storage References

Valuable Client Deliverable

At the conclusion of the SRIIA inventory process, your client will be provided with an electronic, searchable database for their entire inventory. 

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